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Versuri Let's talk about s*x (remix)
- Salt N Pepa

Talk like s*, like s*x
Talk like s*, like s*x
Talk like s*x.

[Let's talk about s*x].

This is very important (word) so I'm-a start talkin' about it
Now to the people at home, to the people in the crowd
It keeps coming up somehow (Yeah, so?)
Don't avoid or make void the topic
Drop it, drop it, but that won't stop it
Talk about s*x on the radio and on the video shows
Many will know
Tell it like it is, tell it how it could be
Tell it like it was, tell it how it should be
Those who think it's dirty have a choice
Change the station or press pause.

I wanna talk about it, there's just no way to fight it
Why can't we talk about s*, baby?
We need to talk about the good and bad things we encounter
I wanna talk about you and me.

[Let's talk about s*x.

Oh, no, here we go again
What do you mean all I wanna do is s*x you?
Who me? Huh, that's not all I wanna do!].

We have (what?) controversy (oh) that really irks me (yeah)
A three-letter word I heard was a curse (so?)
He may fiend and have nice dreams
Cuz he saw a teen in tight jeans
To react like that is natural
But control it or that will
Get you in the sack in a very bad rap
Oh! Sometimes it's like that
Are you ready or not cuz here he comes
And like a dumb oops! he forgot the condoms (word!)
As if he had some, but you don't buy them or even like them
"But what the hell, " you say, "it's chill
I won't get got, I'm on the pill"
Until the sores start to puff and spore
He gave it to you, and now it's yours.

Talk like s*, like s*x
Talk like s*, like s*x
Talk like s*x.

[Yo, Pep, I don't think they're gonna play this on the radio
And why not? Everybody has s*x.

I mean, everybody should be makin' love

Come on, how many guys you know make love?].

She's hot (hot), hot to trot, make any man's eyes pop (pop)
Use what she got to get what she don't got
Men drool like fools, but they're just human
Homegirl's body was boomin'
Gold, pearls, rubies, diamonds
(Nothin') she ever wore was ever common
Her dates heads of state, men of taste
Lawyers, doctors, no one was too great for her to get with
Or mess with, the Prez she says was next on her list
Dag, she had it all in the bag
So she should have been glad
But she was sad cuz she never had any love
Just s*, followed next with some cash.


[Let's talk about s*x.

Yo, I don't think we should talk about this
C'mon, why not?
People might misunderstand what we're tryin' to say, you know?
No, but that's a part of life
And the radio might not wanna play this record, either
But everybody has s*x
I know, but everybody should be makin' love
That's true..
You know what I'm sayin'?].

Talk like s*x

Now let's be honest (word)
There ain't another way that we can try and get around this (uh-huh)
I won't front if I wanna stroke and poke your highness (yeah)
Huh, I'll just let ya know (yeah)
Go ask the (yeah) S-T (yeah) -double E the V the O
We won't beat around the bush (uh-huh)
Whenever we see a girl with a crazy, fat tush
We just wanna push and a-push and a-push
Up (where?), up (what?), up to her
You know the brothers have to do her.

I wanna talk about it [let's talk about s*x]
I wanna talk about it (talk like s*x) [let's talk about s*x]
I wanna talk about it [let's talk about s*x]
I wanna talk about you and me.