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Versuri Free your pain
- Salads

I'm gonna tell a story listen to me today
It's not of fame and glory sellin' souls to find a way
This older man told me that way back in the day
He bled and poured his heart out while put out on display
Some people they enjoyed it at least that's what they say
Unknown intense emotion is in this masterpiece.

I'll tell you son how I feel
With hope to help you.

Free your pain 'cause I told you before and I'll tell you again.

So here's another story I heard two days ago
This lady came and told me of how she's feelin' low
Don't cry and dry your tears now I told her she should know
Life really ain't that bad child, better than six feet below
Why bother livin' life with a frown upon your face
Rome wasn't built in a day now, you gotta set your pace
Stand tall and pick your head up.

Go sing on the mountains high

You're just a baby bird now, one day you'll learn to fly.

I'll tell you son how I feel
With hope to help you.

I wanted to tell you son how I feel
With hope to help you.

Me and the boys ain't takin' no s***t
If you're killin' at the vibes I'm gonna have to throw a fit
But I don't wanna do that so come at me real
Begin to understand just how this MC feels
I'm Mista D and I'm a smooth cool cat
Mama never knew that I could sing like that
I guess I just had to follow all the beats in my head
Writin' clever poems that's what I did
Now these poems are for you, my lyrics are true
I just wanna do this 'til the world is through
I speak on the real if you feel like I feel
Then you need to get up and SLAM!

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