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Versuri Not afraid of the dark
- Sabrina Starke

trimise de ManoleManole.

Take a look at my face.
Can you tell me who I am.
Where I'm from and where i'm going. Been kissed by the sun. The chosen one. Did my skin give me away.
All of these shades.
From the black, red and green.
Made of kings and queens.
This bloodline, my history.
Beside me to guide me.
Constantly reminding me.

I'm not afraid of the dark.
They pouring water but they can't wash away. Over thousand years withstanding trails and pains. Out of you comes the light.
And to that we shall return.
Roots and culture, our mother.
You beauty is gold, shining lightyears old.
Ever sure and never fades.
In the water we wade.

I'm not afraid of the dark.