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Versuri S. L. A. B. - What you niggas know

trimise de MeanaMeana.

S. L. A. B., Slow Loud And Bangin'
This Sil from the West, mayn
Just doing a bunch of chilling, gon keep in playa mode

What you niggas know, about pulling out slow
Missing the top, riding gla*s 84's
What you niggas know, about a playa like me
Better cuff your hoe, cause I'm a P-I-M-P
What you niggas know, about a hater that'll hate
Knocking my fame, we moving units like weight
What you niggas know, about glocks and AK's
When it's time for the plex, they cock and they spray

What you niggas know about a hot shot, tossing a drop top
Flipping with hot glocks, when he tipping a hot block
A playa slash a Guerilla, that's mobbing for scrilla
They fake and I'm realer, and plus these niggas be sweeter than vanilla
I think they hate me, cause I'm Slow Loud And Bangin'
They really better keep they distance, before they see Trae get to swanging
And I can recall, riding an Impala, '78 to be exact
With no AC radio, and the tires on flat
But that was the past, and now you see me in a slab on gla*s
My drop's first cla*s, and now these hoes be giving up they a*s
To tell the truth, I really don't need em they just something to do
I'd rather be crawling late night, while I'm thinking bout Screw


[Lil B]
Now tell me what you know about, swanging lanes on 4's
Stay in my pimp mode, cause I don't love none of these hoes
I throw em back like throwbacks, and hit em for a G
Got niggas cuffing they broads, so they won't f***k with Lil B
Still I crawl up the road, so slow knowing they hate
Thinking I'm fake just wait, I'ma let this AK spray
But I be stuck on my hustle, my pockets must gain a muzzle
I had a couple of tussles, that's why a nigga will rush you
I don't love you or your gal, I'm too in love with my slab
And the way a nigga be throwing these hands, steady giving you jabs
You crabs that's biting, like an infested STD
I can flaunt it if I want it, repping S-L-A-B

What you niggas know, about a teenage Southsider
With fifth wheels and grills, T. V. 's on the outside
Of my car in my side view, peeping the haters
I'm something like a superstar, when I pull out that Navigator
1 to the 7, and now you niggas know my age
And if you disrespect a G, then you fin to know my gauge
I got game like a motherf***ker, or baby Don Juan
And if you boppers wanna see me, go to Jay'Ton. com
Talking down beneath your arm, I ain't playing with you cats
I done came from being broke, and I don't plan on going back
So I mash full speed, for my cash to get paid
I use to want ice, now I'm on a ice-capade


[Dougie D]
Can I have everyone's attention, front and center listen to reason
This is my reason for what repping, and tipping through seasons
Sliding down with a bad breezie, sipping smoking and leaning
When I stop at the light, other people be watching my T. V. 's
Lil' kids they wanna be me, or have a daddy just like me
I'm the Don-Datta, Dougie but f***k it just call me papi
What you niggas know, about riding on chrome
And dropping the drop on the belly, high-siding on hoes
In the cockpit, I keep a cocked pistol for cock suckers
Mashing on all haters, and utilizing my hustles
You think you know, but you really have no idea
Dougie D 2000 and 3, it's your boy right here


Yeah, we keep in playa mode baby
S. L. A. B., Slow Loud And Bangin'
Trae, Dougie D, Lil B, Jay'Ton you know it go down
What you niggas know, about being real
What you niggas know, about keeping it gangsta
What you niggas know, about keeping it street
Fa real, follow us we'll show you the way, straight up

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