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Versuri S. H. E. - Let's wait a while

yo yo (yo yo)
I don't really wanna play the game (nah)
but if you want me to play the game, and wait a while
I will
ha ha ha

[Chorus: S. H. E.]
let's wait a while
before it gets too late
let's wait

yo, the first time I met you it was love on sight
no matter what I do I can't forget that night
in my mind you was fine as wine, air tight
somethin' like a movie, but this is real life
no mistaken, unh, I was taken
girl you hit me harder than the music I be makin'
I exercise, push-ups, how you feel huh?
what's your name girl? how can I get wit' ya?
I can't beleive that she didn't heed that
no type of feed back, I need to pull my sleeves back
and try again, time after time
but I won't stop until I make the girl mine


I got the digits, unh, remember I was
on the telephone kickin' willy bone for hours
buyin' candy and flowers, often
I can't count amounts but I know I spend a fortune
I never sweat it, you was so cute
that I ran like Pacman in hot pursuit (back back back)
all my friends say you must be buggin' kid
you say I'm just a friend to make me feel like this
but I would never do you like the next guy did
scared to love again and keepin' your heart hid
and just when I think you might come around soon
you proceed to hit me wit' that wait a while tune


vision of love, the one I think of
if I had my way we'd be tighter than a glove
on the scale of one to ten you must be an eleven
baby hold my hand and walk the highway to heaven
I'm not the same old thing runnin' the game type
love 'em and leave 'em alone, catch the next flight
I promise you, I'm a stay true
if you call my name I'll come to the rescue
I mean a queen like you deserves honor
scoop you in a drop-top Porchse, my tire's armored
for worse or better, no matter what the weather
it don't really matter, we still down together
I got your back, in fact, I'll never hurt you
mislead, decieve, Shaq won't desert you
just call me crazy, I just say whatever
prayin' for the day I'll make you my girl forever


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