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Versuri Rupaul - Love is love

I see you look at me and judge me with your eyes
Your words are meant to hurt and cut me down to size
Why must I explain to you? he loves me, I love him too!
What on earth has that to do with you?

So you criticize. do you realize,
I'm a person just like you?
Not gon' run and hide, just cause you decide
You don't like the things I do.

All I know is love is love. in this world there ain't enough
So why you wanna mess with us? when you know love is love
Really ain't no difference, the why or what or who you're with
So why you have to question it, don't you know love is love.

Open up your eyes and you will see that love is blind
Take the time to understand the way I feel inside.
Like a river it must flow, love will choose the way it goes.
In your heart of hearts I think you know.

Cause if you've ever loved, then you know that love's
Heaven sent down from above.
What do you give a damn if he holds my hand
Or the love that we share between us?

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