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Versuri Roy Trinity - Talk about me

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Talk bout me Talk bout me niggas alway talk bout me, Talk bout me talk bout me niggas wanna do like
me 2X

Niggas talk bout me still these niggas wanna do like me, Hate on me still motherf***kers even wanna
trap like me. i'm killing these niggas, these niggas aint ready don't f***k with me. Talk bout me
run up on a nigga house and kill that nigga. Talk bout me talk bout me y'aint even know bout me.
Everybody listen to my song everybody start talking bout me. Dresse like me soon everybody will even
tryna walk like me, Look like me? Hell no nigga you aint even look like me. talk bout weed? nigga
stop that y'all don't even smoke like me. B-Smoke nigga go hard on a nigga like who's that nigga!.
Versace Versace i'm trapping and killing these niggas they Copy. My money my money be making these
bitches be calling me honey. The richer you're getting the more they be hatting, they call you
illuminati. I made it i made these niggas aint loving the fact that i came up, everybody know i aint
worry bout non, certify nigga f***kit nigga yes i am, I'm a grown man men i passe that, put ma nigga
incharge where the safe at. All you p***y niggas f***king d***k ride, middle finger to your p***y
bitch take that. punch a niggas face till he can't stand. Trap God i got Dope boys, these streets
aint ready for my niggas. my squad is so hood niggas. Rich nigga that's me nigga. F***k nigga i
don't give a f***k about y'all nigga

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