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Versuri Roy Orbison - Summer love

Autumn Leaves, when they fall
Whisper to the wind, ringing out, telling all
Of the summer's end.
Now you're gone far away, how I long to hear you say
"I love you. "

Whirling leaves, swirling leaves tell me I'm alone
Wishing you were here with me longing for you home.
Winter nights are lonely nights how I long to hold you tight
I miss you.

A gentle breeze in the trees will tell me spring is here
And I feel anxiety knowing you'll be near.
Summer nights, I'll hold you tight
Under the moon above you'll be my summer love.

When summer's here and you are near every day I'll pray
Autumn leaves will never come and with me you'll stay
You will mean more to me, yes, you'll be
More than just a summer love

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