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Versuri Roy Orbison - See ruby fall

Well, I knew someday Ruby would be leavin',
That she wasn't happy livin' quietly, quietly.
'Cause she would get that bedroom look each mornin',
and I tell Ruby pull away from me.
So go down-town at nine o' clock this evenin';
Walk under that red light then down the hall, down the hall.
Look for the highest flyin' girl, that's Ruby.
And if you wait your turn, you'll see Ruby fall.

Don't let her know that you even know me;
She'll be tryin' to forget it all.
And don't tell me how it was tonight, tomorrow,
'cause I don't want to see Ruby fall.
Well, I didn't hold her back when she got restless;
One man is not enough when she wants it all.
I let her go when I saw what she wanted,
'cause I don't care to see Ruby fall.

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