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Versuri Roy Orbison - Mama

Mama, just had to call, oh Mama
Your baby boy just had his heart
Broken in two, She said we're through
But to send her best to you.
Oh Mama, I'd like to run to you Mama
I'd come home today, leave right away
But things won't work that way
Gotta stay, and be a man
If I can, Oh Mama.

No Mom, I don't know I called her tonight
No, not at home, yeah, you're probably right
Yes I'll take care of myself. no I'll be alright
I'll go to bed early tonight.
Oh Mama, tell Dad I think of him, Mama
How's Uncle Joe, my puppy Go-Go
Tell them hello, Oh I'd better go
But good gosh, I loved her so.

Oh Mama, Don't worry so much, darling Mama
Now Mama don't cry, just say goodbye
Can't have us both in tears well Mom, you know me
Yes I'll always be your baby through all the years.

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