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It's lonely - versuri Roy Orbison |
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Versuri Roy Orbison - It's lonely

Every sleepy dawn wakes to find you gone, and it's lonely.
All my sunny days, laugh and run away, it's lonely.
(Oh so lonely)

The sun don't really shine, it's lonely.
Always to remind me that it's only another day,
To feel this way. it's lonely. Lonely.

I am lonely all the time, you're not mine.
Without you I find, it's lonely.
Each new starry sky, smiles and says goodbye, it's lonely.
Dreams we used to share tell me you don't care, it's lonely.

The moon has lost its glow, it's lonely.
It is there to show me that it's only another night,
I can't hold you tight, it's lonely. Lonely.

I know why I cry, for all the world to see.
You're not here with me, it's lonely, Lonely, Lonely.

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