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Heartache (1974 version) - versuri Roy Orbison | Versuri.ro
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Versuri Roy Orbison - Heartache (1974 version)

At night I try not to cry
Each tomorrow brings more sorrow
All the time you're on my mind
My heart just aches, it almost breaks
It's almost dawn, heartache

I know it's over
But i don't know why
You reached out and touched me
And then you said goodbye

Oh it's unreal, the way I feel
It's almost dawn the night's too long
My dream is gone
I'm all alone with heartache

Heartache of heartache
Deeper than blue
Teardrop on teardrop
I'm still in love with you

Oh, what a way to start a day
Heartaches today like yesterday
Here comes the sun
No place to run from heart

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