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Versuri Roy Orbison - Fancy dan

Well Fancy Dan, he's a bright young man
He's a lover
Well Fancy Dan, he's ahead of the clan
He's a lover

Well the word's around that all the boys in town
Are gonna tear his playhouse down
But that don't bother young Dan, he's not a fighting man
He's the swingingest lover around

Well don't underestimate Fancy Dan
He's the leader of a local band
Don't you dare leave your baby alone
He's a modern Pied Piper on the saxophone

Well Fancy Dan, man oh man
He's a smoothie
Well Fancy Dan, don't you understand
He's groovy

Well the boys don't like him but the girlies do
And that's all a part of the plan
They're looking for a romance and they haven't a chance
In the arms of Fancy Dan

Well Fancy Dan, round and round he goes
Where he stops, nobody knows
You better not leave your baby alone
When he plays "come to me" on his saxophone

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