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Versuri Roy Orbison - Close again

When evening shadows fall.
I'm not lonely at all.
Now that you're with me I recall.
How much I love you.

Close again.
Now I'm alright, tonight we're close again.
Touching your hand means that we're close again.
Reaching each other now within
At last we're two are really close again.

How long has it been since we loved like this? ,
I'll never ever know.
It seems like only yesterday.
Yet it seems so long ago.

Close again.
Down deep inside we're both are close again.
A love that died can be alive again.
I can survive because you've let me in.
Into your heart so very close again.

So love me, like you loved me when you loved me,
And say that's all you want to do.
I am what I am, and all that I am.
Is in love with you, and only you.

So close again.
That's all that matter, we're close again.
Dreams that were scattered are close again.
Hearts that were shattered begin to mend.
Can't help but cry.
For you and I are close again.

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