Blue rain (coming down) - versuri Roy Orbison |
Blue rain (coming down) - versuri Roy Orbison |
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Versuri Roy Orbison - Blue rain (coming down)

Silently i hear the sound of the blue rain coming down.
It's late tonight and i just saw you walking by.
Without one word of hello or goodbye.
Just one look at you with someone new,
And then i knew i'd see you go around in the blue blue rain.

I didn't know one moment ago it could rain this way
You use to run straight to my arms now you turn away.
Oh i never knew such of feeling of blue.
Blue rain blue rain.
Blue rain.

Why did you make me love you than break my heart in two.
Then leave me alone here in the rain to cry for you.
Tomorrow will be filled with the lonely. blue rain.
Blue rain. blue rain.

I remember you all alone, walking on,
And crying, losing you,
In the blue blue rain.

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