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Versuri Think it over one time
- Robert Earl Keen

You say you're clearing out, the devil's in your eyes
No time to walk, no time to talk, no time for long goodbyes.
The ticket's in your hand, you've made that final call,
The hard words flying by like punches in a barroom brawl.

We've made a mess of things,
It makes no difference now let's chalk it all up to the blues.
Little girl, think it over one time
Little girl, think it over one time
Little girl, think it over one time
Before you break in your walking shoes.

I am just what I am, I won't apologize
So if you go you'll surely know you'll have to come to realize
Love don't walk away, only people do

So if you go or if you stay you know I'll keep on loving you.


We've made the hard time sing, we've made the miles roll by,
We've broken both our wings and still we've had the will to fly.
It ain't the memories, that make me talk this way,
It's more like someone pulled the plug before we ever saw the play.


I've read a thousand books, I've been behind the wheel,
I've known you all my life but still I can't feel how you feel.
It's only you for me, just like that whooping crane,
Who has one wife for all his life and if she dies, he'll do the same.