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trimise de ByebyebabyByebyebaby.

I want ur s*-u-al-ity
I see you
what you wanna do
lets break the rules [sexuality]
You wanna go down
drive all thru my town
til I make that sound [Ohhh] s*-u-al-ity
Now dont be shy
You know im wot you like
Please dont hide ur sexuality
Baby lets goloose all self control
If you wanna know my s*-u-al-ity.

You waaant me
then maaake a move
come show me just what you can doooo [Ohhh]
Sexuality lyrics on
Im reaady
Your reaady tooo. so come with me tonight boo

Boy show mewots ur fan-ta-sy [I wanna see]
So let me see ur s*-u-al-ity [sexuality]
And Your Body will roll on top of me
then just release yours*-u-al-ity
I wanna see you baaabby

I want your. S*-u-al-ity
I want your. S*-u-al-ity
I want your. S*-u-al-ity

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