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Versuri Rihanna - Sell me candy

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Sell me candy like the summer
When it's melting in my hand
I know you're around
Like the ice cream man
I can hear you calling whisper something in my ear
Sweet like sugar tell me what I wanna hear
I'm weak by your touch
And when it's meltin on my lips
A rush through my body
Feel it in my fingertips
You're selling me a
Fantasy that I wanna explore
Sound so good
Spoil me rotten to the core

Talk to me
Take care of my dreams
All I need
Is you beside me
It's destiny
Just let it be
Of the words you speak
Baby sell it to me

Sell me candy
Sell me love
Sell me heaven
Sell me doves
What's the charge
What's the cost
[Come to daddy]
You the boss

See you're professional
Boy you make a sale
Try to resist
But every time I fail

The one temptation that I gotta enjoy
You're running through my garden now you're knocking at my door
Forbidden little kiss
And you call it bittersweet
The shorty that you rocking with
Ain't nothin' like me
Selling me a fantasy that I wanna explore
Sound so good spoil me rotten to the core
You know



I want it babe
More than you know
So don't you leave
And dont you go
I want it all
Until time falls
These arms
Won't hold you wrong
I want your love
Give you my trust
I wanna live
For both of us
I wanna breath ya
Lay on your shoulder
I wanna warm ya
When nights colder

I wanna love, love
I wanna love, love, love



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