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trimise de IloveenriqueIloveenrique.

Air in this lovely summer evening
Your memory is a photo gray
That blurring van holas
That's hard to draw your traits
Half day after starting

Air, if your eyes were black figs
If the teeth gajos lemon
I do not remember the arch of your eyebrows
Even I can barely speak
In something other than pain

Actually when low tide
For pure instinct conservation
Try cauterizar each footprint
That leaves behind the passage of love

Actually when low tide
Showing the structure of pain
Enables a defense mechanism
In order not to the heart ahoge

Air, I lack the air
On this beautiful summer afternoon
No achievement describe
Your memory is a photo gray
Just profile
That the waves are blurring
Oh, no

Air attempt to draw
Your traits I almost can not, however hard they attempt
That is difficult to recognize, with all that love
That has left me not only mark

Air, now when low tide
And it is total wreck

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