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trimise de NekroticNekrotic.

"Worlds, many worlds... " but this loneliness
Like ancient trees on the margin of life.

Thei leaves turned into heads of men
Heads of men were like bodies of trees
'till Death will suck the honey
From our wasted breaths...

... the end deformed by desire, will I
Crawl into nature's embrace
To restate the portrait of life
I need to keep (up) my pace...

I see satellites bursting out of the solitude
They are like a swarm of flies, carring on...
"The meditations of cosmos"

The symfony and myth of Death and Dying
Let loose obsession within me, artistic theory...

Above the world's delirium, a candle will light
Throuout the night, the spirit catched on course
Towards saturation
"unknown destination"

Inger diform, nemuritor si rece
Angel diformed, immutable and cold

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