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Versuri Queensryche - The whisper

Cries from the aisles the tolling of the judgement bell.
Eyes watched the violence,
the absence of those who have seen,
marks the faith of the spell.
Cold is the viper stalking the night for the heat.
It must find, time is the promise delivered with stunning consistency.
Line after line, time after time, the innocent victim awaits...
* Please take my hand, don't be afraid.
I'm your master you're my slave.
Voices are calling me back, back to the day.
Footsteps had followed me faster... listen
Screams from a new love,
the passion was burning,
it singed in a stare.
Free under the night sun.
The fear of the hunger will always be there in my mind.
Time after time the morning will close a new page.
Follow the impulse you have.
I'll show you the way.
Forget what you've learned in the past now.
Listen and...

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