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Versuri Queensryche - Chemical youth

Lead me - the leftist cry as the right subsides.
Hear me - the media mouth is open wide.
Save me - success is our hunger we need to feed.
Free me - we'll not lose to their anarchy!
We're your leaders - we're rebellion! Aural supremists.
We're rebellion! We're future!
Show me - the wave of eighties is #3.
Praise me - our religion is technology.
Help me - for the cause. Would you cross that line?
We're rebellion! Chemical youth scream.
We're rebellion.
If we don't stand together we stand to lose the future.
Peace won't last forever,
who will be the martyr you or me?
We can be the future, you and I the leaders, help me!
If we don't stand together we stand to lose the future.
We're the last hope.. but there's danger.

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