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Versuri What you gonna do?
- Puff Daddy

It's a Hell Up in Harlem, f***, another day
another dollar, wake up, to the barking from the Rottweilers
Pull the collars, make em sit for the Godfather
Then I holler, to Justin my son, run the water
for the shower, trust fund scholarship sure to give him power
Baby momma call, she pick him up, in about an hour
Now free to go, free to blow, with the calicos
and the navajos, it's just the way this player knows
anything goes, finally caught up with my nigga Sam Sam
Picked me up, in the tan Lex Land
Wanted breakfast down at Pan Pan's, what's your favorite dish?
He ordered cheese eggs and grits, I had the swordfish
What is this? Three niggaz dressed in black
Roleys on they wrist, feathers in they hat
One tapped me on my back, then pointed at my stack
Put my finger on the trigger
then I asked him, "Whatchu want nigga? "