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Versuri Reverse
- Puff Daddy

I'll never stop
I don't give a f***k
If it's me against a million billion of ya'll mother f***kers
I will never stop.

I bust six out the roof of my Bentley Coup
Head shots so mother f***kers can't regroup, can't recoup
I'll be damned if you get more points than me

Sell more joints than me
Steal your faith, take a puff, inhale my name
Smoke on it, s***, choke on it
Bitch nigga, I'mma make a hit nigga
Hot mother f***ker down to the skit nigga
Game over playa, and nigga ya scored low
Hit me later young, and I'm at the award show
Bank account ten digits and it's all "O's"
I floss the most s***, f***k the most hoes
Come on, you can even ask Don Juan
It's official now, they all rock Sean John
Might have to change my name to strong arm
You came to get money man?
That s***t been long gone, come on