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Versuri P. e. 2000 lost remix
- Puff Daddy

Cohiba cigars, spittin' 16 bars,
Spit on a dial, my Chopard
See the reflection of the gods
Spill Louie because, I'm supposed to, none close to
Me flow hotter, see me in any way shape, don't bother - showstopper
As for your hoe, cock the rhymes I wrote, murda like shocka
Deem these bitches, stay on the p****s
I went from the Vernon, the curve servin', paper earnin'
Got Arabians smugglin' dope in they turban
Sit with two techs in my duplex, bulletproof vest
In the shoot fest with the law
Got it all, want more, future foreseen
Keep the city how for Louie XIV
Rob, Dep, and Shyne bring Bad Boy more cream
Uncut hits nigga, lyrical m******e
The overboss, f***k the cost, I 'ford it
Next year, number 1 on the Forbe's list