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Versuri Fake thugs dedication
- Puff Daddy

One two, one two
One two, one two
This one right here
Goes out to all the fake thugs out there
Yeah, yeah uh huh.

Yo, when you say you thuggin', it doesn't matter
It goes into my mind as just chit-chatter
You may say I have a ego, or just merry free

But none of that tough talk I take seriously
It goes in one ear and right out the other
Heard that fake thug s***? brotha
I don't mean to brag, never never hate
You ain't got the bank that it takes to stop this
Ha, ha, ha, ha sucker, you missed
I put feelings aside, you know who I am
P-U-2-F, keys to the U. S.
And I hate when one attempts to analyze
Franchise, get your hands tied
Thrown over a boat, don't know what you was thinking
That dream is over, your body sinking