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Versuri Public Announcement - Don't hold back

[PA] (Swing)

PA, 2G

(Yippe-yi, yippe-yo, yippe-ya, what?)

What you thought? (Huh!)

We was gone? (Wha-t?!?)

We back

Mack, Ace, L. C., Feloney

All the time watchin you smellin' good

Walkin by, can I get a hey or a hi

Baby I wanna know your name

Second your game, third you're independent

And you're out here doin your thang

(Gone rock on with ya bad self)

(Yo the bizness with your bad self)

Wanna let you know that if you available let me know

So we can holla and I can take this thing to the next level

Dip out with me you're vip sexy baby

I wanna check you out show you what the hell I'm all about, hmm

1 - Baby don't hold back

Can I body bump you like that

I like the way them cards is stacked

Movin it front to back

Baby don't hold back

Got me open just like that

I'm feelin how you're shakin that

Movin it front to back

You at my spot now

Relax and let your hair down

Candlelight and crystal

Kick back while I lay it down

Ain't no need to rush the vibe just let it ride

(Cause we got) more plenty nights (to put) this thing in flight

(But if) you really wanna get it on just let me know

(Cause I got) sexual healin and a love tko

(We can) get between the sheets (and we'll) turn up the heat

(As I) kiss all over your body you will come back for me oh

Repeat 1


Yeah don't front you no you got me open

Add motion controlling my emotion

Provoking a nigga on hard

If you don't wanna finish this baby don't even start

Make me wanna take you shopping the way you get me brick hard

Like some two thousand rims you flickin hard

Can you shake it like that for real, for real

can you bounce it like that for real, for real

You the business like stock exchange

The way you pop that thang you proper with thangs

The reason why a nigga keep a pen on 'em

Don't care if chicken stelling his girlfriend on him

Come roll with the stars, let adrenalin flow thru ya

blood like ya really holdin my drug

When I'm blowin them slugs

Baby we can "O" like I'm holdin you up

Repeat 1 till end

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