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Versuri What am i gonna do
- Poco

You've had me to love now
But what will you do
If I'm heartaches to you
This livin' like two.

I fear it could be poison
From the taste
Seems my whole life
Should be retraced.
What am I gonna do?.

When I'm locked in the middle
With a key that's from you
And another one, too
But which door to undo.

The visions in the keyhole
Leaves me blind.

I should have seen
A warnin' sign.
What am I gonna do?.

And now it's one or the other
But how can I choose
When there's a chance that
I might lose
The one that I refuse.

All the love of two
Won't leave me free
And losin' you for her
Leave's less of me.
What am I gonna do?.

What am I gonna do?

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