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Versuri Pickin' up the pieces
- Poco

Well there's just a little bit of magic
In the country, music we're singin'
So let's begin
We're bringin' you back down home where the folks are happy
Sittin' pickin' and a-grinnin'
Casually, you and me
We'll Pick Up The Pieces, uh-huh.

Somebody yelled out at me (Hey!)
Country music and company kind of makes it
On a Sunday afternoon
Picnic lunches of yesterday
Should still have a place in your heart today
Think it over
'Cause we'll all be goin' home so soon.

(Repeat first verse).

If you had the time to stay (uh huh)
Would you sit yourself down and play country music
Singin' songs that we both knew
Lord I know that the day will come
When the both of us will sit down and strum
On our guitars
And you'll see I really am a lot like you.

(Repeat first verse)
(Repeat first verse)

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