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Stop falling - versuri Pink |
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Versuri Pink - Stop falling

I ain't lookin for a steady thing
I ain't lookin for what love brings
I'm still young and I ain't ready babe
I'm still lookin for some better days
I don't wanna give you everything
I just wanna make you feel things
If you ain't down to give me everything
Just throw it away

Don't assume cuz I'm a woman
That I'll fall in love
Don't expect I'm young and need to be took care of
Don't wanna hear you got what I need
Cuz how would you know before we speak
You've gotta understand my side
I've had a crazy, crazy life
Nobody came along to open up my eyes
You've gotta take what you can get
Don't even bother with my heart
Cuz I get a feeling I won't let it start

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