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Versuri Empires of vampires
- Phoenix

trimise de IoaiiIoaii.

Dear friends, whenever my letters will reach you, don't worry:
although, despite my time, by horrifying tales,
I was Known under the name of DRACULA!.

But I was different, from what has been told
Though I was cruel, bloodthirsty and bold
And I was waiting for twenty years,
Betrayed by my brothers to ease their fears.

I will break up from here one morning,
Wishing you by my side.
Killing them without warning,
Traitors will loose their lives!
In the darkness of Transsylvania
The howling of terror cries.
Empire of vampires,
Who'll be the next to die!?.

Thrown into the prison, banded with chains,
Living just for vengeance to drink blood from their veins.
On wings of evil, I'm flyin' away.
Help from the devil is the price I will pay.