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Versuri Tube
- Phish

An asteroid crashed and nothing burned
It made me wonder
Do tigers sleep in lily patches?
Doctor, mine does run for thunder.

I got an ache in my left ear
I felt the truth but I still could hear.
Made me think, I would not be burned,
but rather give myself to science,
I felt that I could help
To science, I felt that I can help
Paranoid the doctor ran,
Shouting his graphic translation
All out of order
Gang wars and ails of riches,
Spewing forth their color
He purposely waited till I was done
To knock on the lavatory door
Accusing me of ruining the fun,
He knocked on it some more

The fun, He knocked on it some more.
And alloy suitors were all inside
An apple or a grape
To put forth a cloud of Mercury
In front of a mighty car
On a freeway in Los Angeles
Once the spraying has been done
'Cause there's more pain from necessity
You're a portrait of your past,
There's a mummy in the cabinet.
Are there no more arrows left?.

What's that rubber bottle doing here?
How's that napkin for a proof
Ten cents to a dollar now
For a shelf of pregnant ears
Robert Palmer is applauded
again, again, again
So stupendous, living in this tube.

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