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Versuri Kung
- Phish

What you are now experiencing is
the Vibration of Life ladies and gentlemen
Your head may be feeling heavy
Seven beats per second.

Your nose light
This will re-energize you
Your eyes heavyYour nose light
Your eyes heavy.


Your eyes may be feeling heavy
Your nose lightYour eyes heavy

Rich in minerals
Rich in firth Carry well ye martin lad

Fervent fourth
Now Fervent fifth
Forever arealm we cry
Be it ever so Voraciously alternate
We call upon your pulse.

Can we stand?
Can we stare?
We can stage a runaway golfcart marathon!.

Stand up
Stand up
Stand up on your heels and call
From the hills
From the hills.

This may have made your eyes feel heavyY
our nose light
Your eyes heavy

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