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Versuri Alumni blues
- Phish

Woke up this morning and I had those Walking Blues (x2).

I wasn't walkin' nowhere 'cause I didn't have no floor!.

Staring over the edge of the bed.

My old lady lying next to me, I started to cry (x2).

She said "I'm gonna take this diploma,.

I'm gonna slice you in the eye! ".

Well I'm alright (he's alright) (x9).

'cause I got a degree!.

Escaping through my window.

There's a policeman on the lawn outside my home (x2).

I opened my mouth to scream but my throat was full of foam.

So I'm sittin' in this cell.

My fortune dwindled to a thimble full of filth (x2).

I may spend the rest of my life in jail but at least it's got a floor!.


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