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trimise de OokathooOokathoo.

It's Spa Day, a day to unwind.
We'll walk on your spine, we'll be kind.

It's Spa Day, P & F on the scene.
Gonna slather you with mud and make you feel like a queen.
Get you sittin' in a hot tub. (Loungin'!)
You're thinkin' this place is a- (stoundin'!)
Hot steam, hot stones, hot water, hot wax.
We're pipin' cool new-age music, can't help but relax!

It's a spa day! (Yeah!)
Shiatsu! (Gesundheit!)
Thank you very much!
We got a salt scrub, a mud tub!
What's it gonna be?
A foot bath, a facial, aromatherapy.
Yeah, aromatherapy.

It's Spa Day. (Yeah!)
Shiatsu. Where ya from?
I'm Pennsylvania-Dutch.
Sippin' cucumber water and a big slice of lime.
Throw your clock away, you're on P & F time!
It's a Spa Day!

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