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Versuri Dive ~into your heart~
- Paula Terry

Dive, dive...

When you say it's true
Baby I love you
I just can't resist
looking in your eyes
knowing you're not mine
I am a secret love.

There's someone else that you kiss
I've just got to be with you
Here is the touch
maybe too much
anyway that's all that I can do.

When I go out into the night
everything seems oh so right
Hold you in my arms
feel me with touches
I can't say "NO" now all forever more.

Deep and deeper, can't stop the feeling baby
when we're making sweet sweet love

Deep and deeper, then we two are one
I dive right into your heart.

I dive, into your heart, into.. your heart.., heart..

Take me in your arms then tell me once again
We will never end
Deep and deeper, emotions flowing
like an arrow going straight to my heart
Deep and deeper, drowning in your arms
and deeper and deeper and deeper.

Deep and deeper, my heart is burning
with a passion taking over me
Deep and deeper, truly how I feel
I dive right into your heart.

I dive right into your heart