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Versuri Destiny
- Paula Terry

Falling my whole world is falling
Without you in my life so hard to keep from dying.

When your eyes met mine
Everything seemed so fine
Always making love with you (with you)
You said that you loved me
Always be with me
Forever and ever.

But on that day
When I awoke
And I found I was alone
I just knew deep down in my heart
No more he and you.

You were my destiny (my destiny)
That's how it was supposed to be
That's the way it was really meant to be
I knew I just had to set you free.

I could keep on following you

Never letting you go (ohhhh..)
Following you and losing all my pride (yeah..)
Calling you and never letting you go (ohhhh..)
Following you
But you'd run.

You, you were my destiny (my destiny)
I was planning for eternity
Something came and took you away from me
Baby you (baby you), you were my destiny
You were the only man in this world for me (ohhhh..)
Meant to be
But now you've run away destiny