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Versuri 101 reason to run
- Paula Seling

trimise de Roxana95Roxana95.

The rain don't wait for an ok
Before it hits the street
You got hundred and one reasons to run
And still you drag your feet.

No one 's gonna save you
No one 's gonna come
But you wear you hat like you didn't care
You said you're waiting for the big one.

You tell me what I have here
Won't be good enough for you
But I spent a lot of years to finding out
What I didn't want to do.

Maybe you can say that I got lucky yesterday
Maybe you believe that I have something on my sleeve
But nothing ment so much to me
If it came easily
Some things are hard for you to see
But all you got is all you need.

You've got hundred and one
Reasons to run
You've got hundred and one
Reasons to run