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Versuri Paul Cotton - Here in paradise

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Here in paradise another pefect day weatherwise
Middle of the summer ain't nothin' like the sun
Chase the rain away and keep it on the run
But down on the bay we'll go seperately
And here in paradise it's starting to get to me

Everybody's bustin' their tails
They do what they can to keep the wind in their sails
And if that ain't enough
There's just a few who seem to rise above
All the rest getting used till they're over and out
Everyone on the loose they've forgotten the reasons no doubt
That here in paradise the world is barely goin' round
And if seeing is believing it's time I was lookin' for solid ground

I've had a parrot on my shoulder
A monkey on my back
Trading one for the other
I'm caught between the tracks
Of a distant dream that won't materialize
Oh it's not all that it seems
Here in paraidise it's easy to lose your way
Night after night day after day
And if I stay too long here
It's still the same old song I fear
Just a toss of the dice here in paradise
It's still a toss of the dice
Here in paradise

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