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Versuri Paul Butterfield - Keep on moving

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Really if I keep on moving much longer
Baby, I don't know how much longer I can last
I've got to be home sometime tomorrow
Early my woman, mmm, with my arms to rest

Well there ain't, oh, nobody here
Baby, there ain't nobody talking
Yeah, and if I knew where to leave this town
Baby, I'd be on, on way where I been
Oh, loving baby, you know it ain't too easy
Yeah, but without it, oh, I know yeah, we'd be lost
You know I've got to go
Ooh, tomorrow by my woman, yeah, oh, yeah
Any loss, yes, my sweet baby

Well, if you've seen, yeah, go up to my momma, yeah
Well, she said stay home, yeah, or you'll be straying
Well, I'm on my way leaving
I hope my woman, mmm, doesn't say it's too late

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