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Versuri Patti Smith - Last call

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In a mansion high the young man stood
Ready to join his companions good
Outside the scent of magnolia blossoms
Down streets of gold the children were racing

Just another wandering soul
Adrift among the stars
Just another human heart
Led, led away

He put his shoes on and he laid down
Outside the clouds were swiftly gathering
He drained his cup and his stirred the mixture
And he closed his eyes as his conscience whispered

Just another wandering soul
Adrift among the stars
Just another human heart
Led, led away

Misgivings unspoken he joined his companions
His face covered over in a mansion high
Outside the children gazed in wonder
At the quickening sky then slowly disbanded

Thirty-nine wandering souls
Adrift among the stars
Thirty-nine human hearts
Led, led away

His burning skin cooled by angels
Swallowing sorrows excretion
It's all excretion
Felled by his hand of the mind of another man
Who makes the decisions
Lends no provisions for mere eternal rides
Learning of course every alien force

Even Christ yearns to be
To possess the skin
And bone the blood of man
Who tends the flock who breaks the bread
Who makes his own choices
Won't listen to voices
Accept no false teachers
False preachers, good deeders
With their hands out stretched
To be filled with your money
Your mind, your heart, your imagination
Sympathy, empathy
Acknowledge all man as fellow creation
But don't follow him
Don't be led away

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