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Versuri Patti Smith - High on rebellion

What I feel when I'm playing guitar is completely cold and crazy
Like I don't owe nobody nothing and it's just a test just to see
How far I can relax into the cold wave of a note
When everything hits just right (just and right)
The note of nobility can go on forever
I never tire of the solitary E and I trust my guitar
And I don't care about anything
Sometimes I feel like I've broken through
And I'm free and I could dig into eternity
Into eternity riding the wave and realm of the E
Sometimes it's useless
Here I am struggling and filled with dread
Afraid that I'll never squeeze
Enough graphite from my damaged cranium
To inspire or asphyxiate any eyes
Grazing like hungry cows across the stage or page
Inside of me I'm crazy, I'm just crazy
Inside I must continue
I see her, my stiff muse jutting around round round round
Like a broken speeding statue
The colonial year is dead and the Greeks too are finished
The face of Alexander remains not
Only solely due to sculpture
But through the power and foresight
And magnetism of Alexander himself
The artist must maintain his swagger

He must he must he must be intoxicated by ritual as well as result
Look at me, I am laughing, I am laughing
I am lapping c*****e from the hard brown palm of the bouncer
And I trust my guitar, therefore we black out together
Therefore I would run through scum
And scum is just ahead, ah we see it
But we just laugh
We're ascending through the hollow mountain
We are peeking, we are laughing
We are kneeling, we are laughing
We are radiating at last
This rebellion is just a gas, our gas, a gas that we pass

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