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Versuri Y ahora que (engleza)
- Patito Feo

trimise de Girl66Girl66.

y ahora que (engleza).

never forget your eyes, no, no
I never forghet your voice, and today you are so afar
How i can belive you like me
If in your dreams I haven't space.

I never forget you laugh, no, no
I never forget the day when i meet you
It hurts known i never can
Be a part of your life.

And now what, what happens with your memories?
And now what, never come back the lost time
And now what, world is changing
I am here, crying, crying for your love.

And now what, isn't moon, isn't stars
And now what, your name is cleared
And now what, will calm down my pains
The things i have lived, i have let in one angle.