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Versuri Pat Mcgee - Girl from athens

So this girl from Athens, slides into the bar.
If only she knew that she'd take it this far.
Like a leaf without a tree she lost her roots.
Tell me where they ignore you.
In your world of fiction,
you'll meet fact rolling like a train so thanks for the chat,
thanks for the chat.

We all do what we do, just to get by.
We all see what we see, not to ask why.
We will look the other way, when you walk by.
So don't ask us tomorrow, who did the crime?

So this girl from Athens claims she's the one,
that told all the big guns to go where she's from.
Come down off your thrown before we knock you down.
In a pool of lies you're gonna drown, you're gonna drown.

So this girl from Athens walks in here.
She knows she's all that minus her fears.
Bringing me down seems to be her game.
She knows now who is to blame,
for all the rejections that she will face.
Maybe one day she can stand in my place, stand in my place.

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