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Versuri Pastor Troy - Representin'

[Pastor Troy]

I'm representin'
I'm representin bra', them boys ain't seein' me
Know I got some cheese spendin' Gs so they into me
I'm representin'
I'm representin' this nothin but this thug s***t
Rap my well, for ATL
I'm representin', I'm representin' my s***t ho (ho)
I'm representin', I'm representin' my s***t ho (ho)
I'm representin', I'm representin' my s***t ho (ho)
I'm representin', I bet you already know

[Verse 1]
A word to the wise 'fore you look me in my eyes
Your ho told me that your raps a bunch of lies
You ride through the hood lookin' at the sign
But you was in the house most of the time
But sayin' you grind and sayin' that you ridin' Chevys
No AC, playboy, ya lookin sweaty
You know me, you done heard Vica Versa
Know I post up in some s***t just to hurt ya
A hundred-thousand dollar truck I paid it out cash
Before I left the lot I put them feet on her a*s
Three TVs, windows tinted
This is how I represent


[Verse 2]
A word to the wise before you confuse the people
I been doin' this before your a*s was legal
When you was at MBK, my brother's keeper
I was on MLK with Streetsweepers
I know you say ain't no way he can be single
This nigga's not a man, this nigga's a machine
The owner of the Bounce, I knew I'd make a profit
A couple hundred grand I had that s***t in my pocket
I know that I'm the man
I know that I am winnin'
And R-E-P-R-E-S-entin'


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