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Versuri Pastor Troy - Mind on my money

trimise de Anya14Anya14.

Verse 1: Pastor Troy

If this is space age pimping
Then I'ma work for NASA
Coming up with tight a*s s***t
Cause this the Pastor
Creep up on 'em wit laughter
Soon as she show them pearly whites
I grin back at her
Cause I'm gone f***k her a*s tonite
P***y be tight
But that don't mean that its gone end
Cause once I hit
Here comes the grand opening
She hoping then that she can be my main lady
And to keep p***y
I smile and tell her maybe
We lounge on leather
I wonder if whether
You know I'm da playa
Not the Captain Save A. Ho
Then I'm back sinking banks
While slitting Swishers
Lights, cameras, action
Why bitches be snapping pictures
Wish ya had the lout
Wish ya had the money
Wish ya had that big body Benz filled with hundreds
It's funny
Cause niggas think just cause we got stacks
But when I was broke bitches still rode on my lap
The money that's earned the game that's learned
Them hoe's that yearn
Make them p***y niggas eat yo worm
But here's your turn
S***t go ahead bust shots at me
Cause f***king hoe's and making money the priority


I got my mind on my money
I ain't studdin' these hoe's (Repeat 2x)
I ain't studdin' these hoe's 2x

Verse 2: Pastor Troy
A bunch of bitches don't bring no glory
S***t all they bring is a f***king bunch of lies and stories
And yeah I got a stack of stories standing weed high
And you can't take 'em with you when a nigga has to die
So I say f***k her
Bitches I try my best to duck em
I'm on the run
All these jealous motherf***king niggas
Is packing guns
For fun they wanna take the air
The Pastor breathe
But the s***t does not give me a scare
They best believe
With ease I want to leave this Earth
But I'ma let these muthaf***kers try to kill me first
Let's keep it interesting
The topics I be mentioning
Hell and heaven walking streets with that Mack 11
Shot 'em with 7
Pop them niggas pick my shells up
And run and kick 'em
Tell them niggas we don't give a f***k
And f***k who with 'em
Equitted so see me smiling to a round of applause
Shot a bird at the judge
Tell 'em f***k they laws
My ball is hard as bricks
So I be damned if he charge me with s***t
I'm sick as O. J.
And gonna make these hoe's day
It's understood
Pastor Troy up out this muthaf***ker with the money and the goods

Hook: 4x

I got my mind on my money
I ain't studdin' these hoe's (Repeat 2x)
I ain't studdin' these hoe's 2x

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