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Retro clubbing - versuri Pascal Letoublon |

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Versuri Pascal Letoublon - Retro clubbing

trimise de Amnesys69Amnesys69.

There was a time when I tought I couldn't live without you
You were my truth and in those days you were the only home I knew
You were my heart and my soul, I gave my all to you
You had me weak in my mind, I knew our love was true
Does it still feel the same when I call?
Do you give a damn if I fall?
Do you still believe in our world?
Still believe in our love?
It's so easy to play
So easy to say
I wish I knew how to pretend
So when we meet again, we will be best of friends?
Got a feeling that this is the end.

It ain't over
It ain't over
Come on and just say, tell me, it ain't over.

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