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Versuri Vis de primavara - english lyrics
- Pasărea Colibri

trimise de VdprVdpr.

A tiny room but crowded with friends
With fire in their souls and light in their eyes
Ideas were floating in the air, you'd never want to leave
And that was all that happened in that day of May.

We knew what's bad and what's good in the outside world
We talked about pollution, the countryside is so much better
That does not matter but it's so great to have
And everything was great in that day of May.

We had good music, we were smoking a ciggarette
In the room - only smiles, outside just sky and sun
And if you were there, you too would have been lost
You'd forgotten all your worries in that day of May.

My friends are all gone now and so is that moment
Each of them keeps flying with a broken wing
They live, they laugh, they joke, they're healthy but, alas!
Now nothing is how it used to be in that day of May.

And how I wish right now for us to be back together
Lost among my friends, seeking our dream
I'd give it all, even my place in heaven
For my whole life to be like a day of May