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Versuri Party Posse - Drop da bomb

trimise de Ramonik-10Ramonik-10.

Oh say can you rock

There's trouble in a far off nation
time to get in love formation
Your love is more deadly than Saddam
that why I got to drop the bomb

Yvan eht nioj x4

This party is happenin
it's no mirage
So sing it again:
yvan eht nioj

Yvan eht nioj x2

Join the Navy x3

Had a girl in every port
From here to Barcelona
But now I'm back to Springfield
And girl I'm gonna phone ya

Stormed a lot of beaches
But you're the one that I miss
Let's get back together girl
Let's reenlist

So sign me up
for a hitch of love
Recruit my heart
Four sweet years of love

They march all day
and clean latreens all night
don't bust me down
Let's re-up tonight x2

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