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Versuri Park Bom (2Ne1) - You and i (english)

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No matter what happens
Even when the sky's falling down
I promise you
That I'll never let you go

Ohhh... (Ohhh...)
Ohhh... (Ohhh...)
Ohhh... (Ohhh...)
Yeah... (Yeah...)

You, the angel in my life
You are my wings when I fall
When I look in your eyes
I know that things will work out somehow

And you are always by my side
The sadness I feel disappears
Because you are here
I feel safe when I place my hands into yours

*You, that's all I'll ever need
Whenever I feel down
You fly beneath me and
Sing to me this sweet song

Tonight, with my hands placed in yours
Your warm smile tells me
Just how much I mean to you
More than anything else

You and I together, it just feels so right (2nd & 3rd time: feels so right)
And I know that you will never
Hurt me in any way 'cause
I'm so precious to you

You and I together, I know I have found the one
My heart tells me you will never
Let my scars be unhealed
You will always be my shield

I don't care what others say
'Cause I believe in love
After all that we've been through
I know that nothin' matters more than you

We are just like the best of friends
I know you see straight through my soul
Like you've been for me
I promise you that I'll be right here, baby

Repeat *, Chorus

Whenever you may be feeling weak
Just lean on me and I'll be your strength
I know we'll make it through no matter what
And I will never let you fall
No matter what happens in this world
I will always hold you in my arms
You are the only one and I'll be there for you, baby

Repeat Chorus

Ummm... (Just you and I)
Ohhh... (Forever)
Ohhh... (And ever)

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